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Sun, Dec 20, 2020

I woke up before seven. I turned on the air heating, then a moment later, I took B to the living room.

Watching “Synap-shu” and the game Bills vs. Broncos, I finished housework. Today I have to watch “M-1 Grand Prix” at night, so I will have done tasks to do as early as possible.

Recently, I’m getting to use “Grammarly” a lot. According to other blogs, Grammarly is often discounted. I will buy it next discount.

I started to study the following post.

Complete Introduction to Fullstack, Type-Safe GraphQL (feat. Next.js, Nexus, Prisma) - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

At first, I installed VSCode extensions, Prisma and GraphQL which enable highlighting and auto-formatting.

And I need to set up a PostgreSQL database. I did it on Docker.

Next, I created a next.js project with npx.

npx create-next-app my-awesome-app —use-npm -e with-typescript Using npx, you don’t need to install modules to local storage. It’s the main difference between npx and npm.

---After I watched Green Bay beaten Carolina, I studied “Conversation, Beginner, Lesson15” with DMM Eikaiwa. Today’s teacher is so good for me, and I can use valuable words or sentences.

  • Temperature:
  • I don’t know which to use Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • In Japan, we use Celsius. So we can say “It’s almost ten degrees celsius.” etc.
  • I said “I’m in paternity leave”, but I should have said “I’m on paternity leave”.
  • “paternal” or “paternity”?
  • These days: 最近は

These days, I got relaxed and focused on the conversation. I wanna keep this good flow.

M-1 Grand Prix Consolation. I voted Kabe-Poster, Universe, Kyu. And Indians got a ticket to final.

And in the final, Magical Lovely won first prize. People might discuss if their Manzai is “real” Manzai. But it’s not fundamental. This is M-1.

Mon, Dec 21, 2020

Woke up at seven, I was still a little sleepy but B was completely full of energy.

Watching “M-1 Grand Prix”, which was recorded yesterday, I wrote a draft of a review about this awesome Comedy TV program.

At 13:00, My wife got up and I studied English conversation lessons. There is a little bad connection, but today’s teacher is good too.

And I tried to record my speaking. I don’t speaks fluency and speak with a little high tone. So my latest goal is “Speaking with no pause” and “Pronouncing with low tone using throat”The below is memo.

  • Sentences used in this lesson
  • I have started studying DMM Eikaiwa lessons since last month.
  • I said “I started”, but I should have said “I have started”
  • It has changed a lot”
  • I said “Very changed”. Teacher might understand, but it’s never correct in grammarly. I will use “a lot” in next lesson.
  • Sentences I wanted to speak
  • I did nothing and I only wished my baby was born in peace.
  • I didn’t come up with “wish” and “in peace” in a moment.
  • I might get changed my hobby because of my son.
  • I wanted to tell like “When my son grows and gets to watch movies, I might take him to movie He wants to like watching.”
  • Words
  • routine
  • a lot

Getting fun to study English, I watched several English lesson movies and practiced prnounciation.

Tue, Dec 22, 2020

Woke up at a little after seven, I feed B some milk and drunk a cup of butter coffee.

I studied the rest of the following post.

Complete Introduction to Fullstack, Type-Safe GraphQL (feat. Next.js, Nexus, Prisma) - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

With npx prisma init, I created prisma. But what is prisma?

Prisma helps app developers build faster and make fewer errors with an open source ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.
Prisma - Next-generation ORM for Node.js and TypeScript

I edited schema.prismaand installed “Nexus Typescript Language Service” plugin.

GraphQL Nexus · Declarative, Code-First GraphQL Schemas for JavaScript/TypeScript

And I prepared Apollo Server, which serves GraphQL API. (Step4)

I could run anyway, but I don’t understand the codes I wrote.

FYI, “Call to” is “(メソッドの)呼び出し”.

The call to makeSchema includes a property called plugins.

Wed, Dec 23, 2020

I woke up before eight. No suprises, B had woke up at probably seven, and came to near me.

At twelve, I took a DMM eikaiwa. today lesson is fun too. Lessons which I selected might be too easy to study, but It makes me relaxed. So I will go more difficult little by little from now on.

  • for the meantime:
  • I think it’ mean “right now”.

From around afternoon, I got headache and had no motivation to do everything. Until 5 o’clock, when my wife came back, I was just with B together.

Thu, Dec 24, 2020

It’s cold today, but a bit warm for this time of year.

I had had a headache since yesterday. So I woke up after nine, B might have been hungry.

In the afternoon, I let B try to use a straw. B seemed to not know what a straw was, but he had barley tea when I made him drink it through a straw.

Additionally, He is growing. He can now cross over my legs to touch my computer’s keyboard.

Trying “Hasura”, which is a cloud tool for using GraphQL easily, as reading the following document.

Course Introduction | Hasura GraphQL Tutorial

  • Creating a database by Heroku
  • Deploying Hasura
  • Data modeling
  • Creating table, data, view
  • Create Foreign Key, Relationship
  • Basis of queries of GraphQL(query, mutation, subscription)

---Today is Christmas. I was made to wear a Santa-Crous costume by my wife and gave a Christmas present, which is an intellectual toy, to B. In free time before I go to bed, I prepared the phrases about self-introduction, such as about business, hobbies, family.

Additionaly, I studied English from Jay White, “New Japan Pro-wrestling World”> You two, you’re not fighting for both heavy weight and intercontinental championship.

You guys are fighting for something so much bigger, so much more valuable.
You two are fighting for the prize of facing me on line to Wrestle Kingdom.
(The part of Italic is what I might not be able to hear.)

Fri, Dec 25, 2020

Yesterday, I tried “HiNative” before I fell asleep.

It’s fun because I can not only help someone, but also study English in a different way. I was hooked in and spent more than 1 hours that day.

Today B slept on his own for the first time ever. While he was playing with a toy, he might have gotten sleepy.

And he learned the juice box overflows when he push it. Unfortunately, he found it very fun, then it became one of his hobbies.

continuing to study about Hasura where I left off yesterday.

I studied authorization and authentication , and how to handle Auth0 this time.

  • Authentication: Identify users. 認証
  • Authorization: After authorization.Access rights. 認可

And I learned how to connect Hasura and Auth0. Despite I didn’t understand a mechanism of Auth0 and that’s connection, but I could connect both of two and check with Advanced REST Client.

I have used Mac for 8 months without re-install, so I prepared to re-install.

At night, I have written a draft about M-1 Grand Prix. It got a huge blog post, which has more 8000 characters.

Sat, Dec 26, 2020

Woke up after seven, I watched the match, Saints vs. Vikings. I hoped Minesota beats New Orleans but it didn’t happen.

B can sleep on his own. He used not to sleep without our carrying, but now he gets sleepy when time comes.

In today’s English lesson is about “Look like” and so on.

  • Words or Sentences used in this lesson
  • Sha has an average height.
  • I said “normally tall”.
  • colleague
  • I said “member”.
  • admire, look up to
  • Teacher tells me when I explain about “Senpai”
  • schoolmates
  • I said “he has been my friend since we were in the same university”, but I could tell the same meaning with one word.

I’ve posted a article about M-1 Grand Prix, 【M-1グランプリ2020】2度目の黄金期と、存在しない2014年のM-1グランプリ|コボリアキラ|note.

I got spent over 3 hours to refine so that I’m very tired.

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