Sun, Jan 3, 2021

I woke up before seven to watch the NFL. But the broadcast is held tomorrow. There was no meaning to wake up early.

I took a free seminar to learn the “American accent”. Though paid seminar is too expensive to buy, I learned we have to listen and mimic native English more than ever by a free seminar.

I read Chapter 2 in the official document to study Rust at night. What I learned in the process was “Semantic Versioning”. I’ve already known what it means, but didn’t remember the term.

And I also installed an extension “rust-analyzer” in VSCode to enable code completion and so on.

Mon, Jan 4, 2021

I woke up at half-past six to watch the game, Packers vs. Bears.

Green Bay had momentum and Aaron Rodgers scored 3 TDs in the first half. Into the second half, Chicago countered but it was not enough to equalize. Finally, the Packers beat the Bears with double digits.

At night, I watched “WRESTLE KINGDOM 15”, which is the biggest annual event by New Japan Pro Wrestling. My favorite wrestler lost in the main match.

This event lasts till tomorrow and the man who won in today’s main event will face another challenger. The challenger is not Japanese so he came up to a ring and spoke to a winner in English. Then I could understand him, even though he spoke clearly and slowly. I realized my listening skill is improved.

Tue, Jan 5, 2021

I woke up after seven. I did the daily routine, and then checked the schedule of the NFL’s playoff season. The Packers clinched 1st seed so they got 1st-round-by, which is a right that they pass next game. It made me spend the next week without nervousness.

I tried to dictate the following video. Bolding is what I couldn’t dictate.

English in a Minute: Gut Feeling

“gut” is another word for your stomach area. But what could it mean to have a “gut feeling”?

Jonasan. How’s it going with that girl you met in your zoom danceclass?
It’s going ok. She’s nice and interesting. but I just have a gut feeling that we are not right for each other.
Listen to your gut, Jonasan. If I had only listened to my gut

Lots of people feel something physically in their stomach when they experience strong emotions.
If you have a “gut feeling”, you sense something about situation
You may not known why you feel that way, but you just know you’re right.

Today was the second-day “WRESTLE KINGDOM 15”. It should be noted if yesterday’s main match winner can beat the challenger in a row. Then he defended the title. It was a happy ending. Thinking of how tough last year, it was natural. A little too natural.

Wed, Jan 6, 2021

I woke up at seven. While my baby was sleeping, I studied Rust for about 30 minutes. I learned how to make a simple program.

In Japan, a state of emergency is going to be declared tomorrow. It was declared in April last year for the first time, and this will be the second time.

I think almost all Japanese have gotten used to the life in this crisis. Further, Japan’s government doesn’t force citizens to stay inside but ask them to do so voluntarily. Hence, It’s possible that they will go out even under the state of emergency, and the spread of infection will be not decreased.

Anyway, all I can say is like “Do whatever I can do”.

Thu, Jan 7, 2021

I woke up at seven. My wife went to a museum, and I took care of my baby almost all day.

My wife came home at about five, so I had a little free time until it was time for his bath. Then I researched about ACM, Association for Computing Machinery.

They say ACM does a subscription to “O’Reilly Books” for $99. We can get the same service with an O’Reilly membership, but it costs $495! It means we should become an ACM member rather than an O’Reilly member.

At night, I practiced listening English. Native speakers use reduction often, which makes it difficult to understand. It takes getting used to. But I’ve gotta do.

Fri, Jan 8, 2020

I woke up after eight, which was later than usual.

In this online English lesson, I used the phrase “passed away” for the first time. I was asked who my favorite relative is, and I answered it was my grandfather, who passed away 6 years ago.

My grandfather and I didn’t do anything together so much, but I have a gut feeling that we are the same. Moreover, I respected him because he had principles, though I wouldn’t say I like some of them.

This lesson tutor said that she loved “miso-soup.” I was surprised at hearing that because I guessed miso is popular only in Japan. I don’t know that exactly, but it might be more popular than I guessed.

I tried “Exercism”, which is a site giving exercises in a bunch of programming languages. On this site, I practiced Rust. I’ve completed 3 exercises, and I’ll study about struct to complete the next one.

Sat, Dec 9, 2021

I woke up at seven today. I learned a lot about Rust, such as struct, cast, and control flow.

My mentors in Exercism were so kind and not only helped me learn Rust but also common programming techniques. Their comments are not templates but written only for me. I’m surprised that it gives for free.

At night, I tried ELSA, which is an app for pronunciation training. I understood I was poor at pronouncing “th” such as “the,” “this,” and so on. Maybe I don’t use my tongue well.

Then, I imported a bunch of rental CDs. I’ve been doing this ever since I was in middle school, so I probably have over 2000 albums. It’s like a mini Spotify.

Kobori Akira

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