I learned Rust a lot this week. To learn “Ornership” is a little turning point for me. I realized Rust is better than any languages in a way.

Sun, Jan 10, 2021

I read the following news.

Amazon Is Suspending Parler From AWS

I agree with Amazon’s choice, but we should more important thing from this news. It’s “infrastructure’s power.”

Yesterday, Twitter suspended Donard Trump’s account. Then, imagine if Twitter did not suspend him. I think Amazon could suspend Twitter from AWS, like Parler. (I’m not sure Twitter is on AWS.) Also, citizens and media might protest not Twitter but Amazon if Twitter didn’t do.

I mean, Who can affect “Speech of freedom” is not only application but also infrastructure such as Amazon, Google, and so on.

Mon, Jan 11, 2021

I watched the NFL’s playoff game all morning.

Today’s first game, Ravens vs. Titans, started at about 3 AM, so I watched with the rerun streaming. I was so surprised that Ravens stopped Derrick Henry, who is the best running back in the NFL.

I also watched the next game, Saint vs. Bears, with the rerun. I hoped Chicago won New Orleans because if Chicago won this game, Green Bay would face Chicago, a 7th-seed team.

The last game, Browns vs. Steelers, is live on the air. When I started to watch, it was the second half. Then, Cleveland leaded Pittsburgh with 25 points! It was unbelievable. Some famous players of other teams tweeted about it.

Tonight, I practice Rust. It’s so difficult to understand “Lifetime,” “Reference,” “Borrowing.” These are not what I’ve learned from other programming languages.

Tue, Jan 12, 2021

I woke up after seven. My baby ate a Nikujaga and a plain risotto for his first meal on the day before noon.

I got used to Rust little by little. Today, I wrote a benchmark test for the first time. I also learned that cloned() is used repeatedly because it solves the difference between the two types.

Tonight, I practiced English pronunciation. I tried to pronounce not from my mouth but my throat. My head knew that, but I pronounced it from my mouth.

I felt my throat tense up, so I had to be relaxed. But, saying “have to” makes my throat tense. It’s complicated.

Wed, Jan 13, 2021

I woke up at seven. I learned Rust today as well. I felt getting better every day.

These days, I’ve not gone out, except to a supermarket. I don’t hate it, but my body is getting stiff as I don’t exercise. All I did exercise was using a stretch pole before felling asleep. I have to change my exercise habit.

Thu, Jan 14, 2021

I woke up after seven.

I purchased an MCT oil. It’s my morning routine to make a butter coffee. However, I’m running out of MCT oil these days, so I had some breakfast instead of it. That’s why I got fat a little. Additionally, I have not been doing exercise, too.

I studied Rust today as well. I especially learned “Data Types.” Rust has two types of “types.”

  • Scalar
    • Integer
      • We should basically use i32
    • Floating-point number
    • Character
      • char
        • Four bytes in size and represents a Unicode Scalar Value
    • Boolean
  • Compound
    • Tuple
    • Array
      • We should use array if it’s very unlikely that we don’t need to add or remove things.
      • In the other case, we should use vector.

Fri, Jan 15, 2021

Who always gets up earliest is my baby boy. He woke up before seven, and walked around, grabbed some stuff, and pull my hair. Then He woke me up.

Today’s online lesson was a little difficult because it was the first time to talk about the daily news. I selected coronavirus for a topic. When my tutor asked me something, I couldn’t answer well even though I had some idea. I used “Well…”, “Uh…” more than usual.

I learned how to use “Let’s say”. I guessed it’s useful.

「If」や「For example」よりも「Let’s say」? | 英語学習サイト:Hapa 英会話

Sat, Jan 16, 2021

I woke up at seven.

At night, I learned Rust a little and went to bed earlier than usual to watch the Packers playoff game the next morning.

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