As usual, I have been studying English and Rust.

I realized My English skills got better these days. I can tell them my thinking or feeling though it takes time.

Next goal are belows.

  1. Being able to listen to the tutor’s English completely
  2. Having more phrases I can speak immediatery
  3. Speaking fluently little by little

And this week, the Packers was defeat by the Buccaneers. It might be the worst disaster in this year. I was going to write the review of this game, but I’ve not written it yet.

Sun, Jan 24, 2021

I learned concurrency today, too. I’ve submited my solution, but my solution with multi-threads didn’t get so faster, rather slower than single-thread. I will have to re-implement next week.

Tomorrow is the Conference Championship. I’m getting a little nervous. If Packers beat Buccaneers tomorrow, they get to the first superbowl in ten years, when I watched NFL and became a Cheese-head for the first time. It will be held at 5 AM, so I must go to bed earlier today.

Mon, Jan 25, 2021

I’m so depressed. I learned ”gutted” because Aaron Rodgers said “gutted” in an online interview after the game.

I guessed The Packers took momentum in the second half. But they couldn’t turn the game around. Besides, after 2-minutes-warning, Kevin King was called Pass Interference. I guessed that refereeing was not good. I mean, “It was a good call, but it was a bad rule.”

Thu, Jan 26, 2021

___ ___ ___ brushing his teeth any second.

I’ve answered many questions in Hinative today. I explain it in English so that I can learn English too. It’s a win-win relationship.

“I can change myself, but I cannot make anyone change.” It’s my policy. When I hoped someone to change and ask him or her that, it never got a good result.

Moreover, I figured out it is not very respectful because people can decide their own actions. I don’t have the right to make someone change, so I try to focus on what I can control.

Today’s lesson.

  • catch my attention
  • lose focus

Wed, Jan 27, 2021

Today’s online lesson was so good. I realized I could do an easy discussion, though I couldn’t understand a little what my tutor said.

The next goal is to speak what I’m thinking fluently. Now, I speak English with pausing sometimes.

Tur, Jan 28, 2021

It was too cold to take my baby for a walk today. In the evening, it got snow for the first time in this season. If it snows tomorrow, I’m going to get him to watch it. He has never seen snows in his 9 months life.

Below is the words I learned in today’s lesson.

  • bothersome
  • conscious effort
  • material

I learned Rust a lot today. I got a breakthrough about concurrency and macro. If I get knowing more about Lifecycle and Reference, I get used to Rust.

Fri, Jan 29, 2021

It was sunny and warmer than yesterday. I took my baby for a walk. He was loved by a convenience store clerk and the woman lining in front of me in the UNIQLO. He had winsome.

I had my wife take care of him in the afternoon. I thought about going to prepare “The beginning phrases when I speak,” such as “That sounds …”, “I’d say …”, and so on. I made a little, and then I tried them in today’s lesson.

In the evening, I bought some appetizers to go in the bar-restaurant I was interested in but had never been to (because of COVID-19). They were a bit expensive but so tasty.

Sat, Jan 30, 2021

My wife took care of our baby in the afternoon, so I solved some Rust practices.

After I took him to bed, I practiced English pronunciation, especially “flap-T,” such as “water,” “better,” “out of,” and so on. ELSA, the English pronunciation training application, told me my flap-T pronunciation is not correct. But I thought it was decent.

Kobori Akira

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